Krakow, Poland – Day 3 (2)

When I left you in my previous post, it was about midday and we were heading back to the old town after a nice stop at the Church on the Rock. We will now go to St Mary’s Basilica and St Bernard’s Church, then finish the day back in Kazimierz in an amazing bar!

St Mary’s Basilica – Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven (14th c.)


As I said in my post Krakow, Poland – Day 1 (2), we saw St Mary’s Basilica from the outside on

 the first day but it was too busy to get in. When we came back it was still pretty bad but not as much as the first day and it seemed to be THE building to visit so we went in anyway. The ticket to get in the basilica and get close to the main altar is 10 zloty (2.4e), if you want to go up St Mary’s tower it’s another 15 zloty (3.6e), and to be allowed to take pictures inside it’s 5 zloty (1.2e). There’s a free entrance by the front of the church “for prayers only” but we saw a lot of tourists getting in there for a quick overview of the whole thing. I’m not recommending it, but just saying.

After hearing so much about it, we were expecting something literally breathtaking… and were disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice church and the altar piece is incredible. But the place was crowded and not as impressive as other amazing churches we had visited for free during the past days.


St Bernard’s Church (15th century)

Another really nice church with a free audioguide was St Bernard’s Church next to one of the gates of Wawel Castle. The audioguide was really well done and invited us to walk around the different parts of the church to be able to see every details. It’s a very interesting place, I would recommend it to anybody!

Back to Kazimierz

During our day trip the previous day, our driver had recommended a bar in Kazimierz and we decided to go to give it a go. On our way, we stopped at the Corpus Cristi Basilica. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any picture inside.

We then reached the bar Stara Zajezdnia, an old tram depot reconverted into a brewery and huge bar/restaurant/event hall. It’s a very unusual place where you can taste their homemade beers and some delicious food. We tried the tasting board including their five beers and as we were not very hungry just had a tapas plate. Everything was really good and good value. When we arrived around 6pm there was not too many people but it got pretty busy later on. If you want to come with a group you can also book one of there round tables including a tap in the centre, pretty cool!

Overview of the whole hall

This is where our trip to Krakow ends. In summary, we really enjoyed our time there and discovered some gorgeous places. We felt like an extra day would have been nice as it felt a bit rushed, especially the full day trip, but not more than that is needed. For anybody still hesitating, Poland is a great place, cheap and welcoming… So don’t hesitate anymore!


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