Krakow, Poland – Day 3 (1)

Our third and last day in Krakow was spent around the old town and the Kazimierz district. We discovered beautiful churches and synagogues and tasted some delicious typical food and drinks. And we finally had to visit St. Mary’s Basilica (was it really worth it?). In this post I’ll describe the first part of the day, spent in Kazimierz.

Kazimierz in the morning

Kazimierz is another historical part of Krakow, and a former Jewish district. Now, it’s filled with bars and restaurants and is known to be a great place to go out. At 10 am, it seemed pretty empty and broken. The old buildings looked abandoned, covered with tags. But it’s still a really good place to go to if you’re interested in churches and synagogues. You should also have a walk to Plac Nowy and get some zapiekanki as they’re supposed to be the best ones of Krakow!

St. Catherine (14-15th century)

Our first stop was at the impressive church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The gigantic altar amazed us along with the old paintings and the corridors. You definitely feel like you’re going back in time.

Plac Nowy and its zapiekanki

It was brunch time so we headed straight to Plac Nowy to finally try some zapiekanki as we had heard they were delicious. In the middle of the square we found a octogonal building that was once a butcher house, now reconverted into several stalls selling zapiekanki. We spent a good 15min going around and reading all the menus as they don’t offer the same toppings. We finally made a choice and were very happy with it! It huge and very filling but delicious!

Walk around, synagogues and churches

After that nice break we had a walk around the area and saw the synagogues. We then decided to go to the waterfront and walk all along to go back to the city centre.

St. Stanislaus Church at Skałka – “The Church on the Rock” (11-15-18th centuries)

On the way, we stopped at another amazing church, the Church on the Rock. The first Romanesque church was built in the 11th century, then replaced by a Gothic church in the 15th century. Finally, it was refurbished with a Baroque decor in the 18th century. It is where, in 1079, the Bishop of Kraków, Saint Stanislau, was beheaded on the order of King Boleslau II. The altar marks the place where it happened and outside, you still have the fountain where his remains were thrown. The bubbling water is supposed to have some healing properties. In 2008 was added to the courtyard the Three Millennia Altar with the statues of different saints including John Paul II. It is possible to visit the crypt, I unfortunately don’t remember the price of it as we didn’t do it. The inside of the church is richly decorated with painting and statues including a bust of John Paul II.

I will leave this post here as we are only at half of the day and I still have so much to show you! Stay tuned for my next post featuring St Mary’s Basilica and some other nice discoveries.




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