Trip to Cinque Terre – Monterosso al Mare

On my last post we were admiring the view from Punta Mesco. We’re now going back down the same way we came to Monterosso where we’ll spend the rest of the day and the night.

The new part of town

We came back from Punta Mesco by the new side of Monterosso. On that end of the beach is an impressive 14 meter high statue of Neptune. It was created in 1910, then damaged during WWII and the storms of 1966. It’s been since partly restored.

Statua di Nettuno

The beach on this side is also really nice for a sunny and lazy afternoon. A few bars are overlooking the sea if you feel like a iced coffee or a cocktail. There’s a beach on the old side of Monterosso as well but it doesn’t look as good and was crowded with school kids the few times we walked past.

The old part of town

We had a walk along the beach and decided to walk up the San Cristoforo hill to the Capuchin monastery. This stunning place dates from the XVII century and is filled with paintings from famous painters like Van Dyck. On the way up, your first stop will be at the statue of San Francesco. You’ll then keep going up to the monastery and San Francesco church. If you keep going, you’ll find the impressive cemetery of Monterosso.

After this peaceful visit we decided it was the right time to have some lunch. We had read about a great little restaurant in the old part of Monterosso so headed that way. The historical centre is so pretty with its narrow streets and medieval feeling! The church and oratory are also worth a look, we unfortunately didn’t get to go in as there was a service in the church and way too many people in the oratory.

The restaurants

  • We had lunch on the small terrace of Gastronomia San Martino, situated in the very centre of the old town. We had first to go inside were the lady explained all the dishes on that day’s menu. I opted for some shrimps/asparagus trofie, my partner got the swordfish crepes. The prices were around 10e per person, the staff was super friendly and the food different and delicious! I recommend it!
  • For dinner, we wanted to be close to the sea. We therefore went to Nuovo Eden, the only bar/restaurant open at night ON the beach. We sat outside on the deck overlooking the beach and the sea and just for that I would say it was worth it! As for food, we started with some mixed bruschetta, then I got the pansotti with walnut sauce (OH MY that was good!!!), and Mr got the tuna penne. We also indulged ourselves with some desserts… A tiramisu for him, la torta di nonna for me. All of this delicious food, the view, plus a beer, a glass of wine and two dessert alcohols for only 47e! We were more than happy!
Nuevo Eden is the building you see on the beach on the left. Perfect at night!

The accomodation

We stayed at La Rosa dei Venti, a tiny guest house (only 3 rooms) on the upper part of the historical centre. The lady who welcomed us was the sweetest, most helpful person you could meet. The room and bathroom were modern, clean and comfortable. The wifi worked perfectly and we had some snacks and drinks offered. All of that for 115e! It was definitely my favourite accomodation of the trip.


Sipping our Italian coffees the next morning (1e each, view on the sea at Bar Gio’), we were thinking about our trip so far and our stay in Monterosso. The city wasn’t our favourite but has a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere along with a more holiday feel. We enjoyed everything we saw and experienced there and it was a nice place to end our trip in the beautiful Cinque Terre.

Small boat on the old side of Monterosso

We reach the end of our trip to the Cinque Terre. In the next post, our last day in Italy, spent in unusual Pisa!



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